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10 Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


number 1

Enjoy the sense of purposefulness associated with striving to accomplish a big challenge.

number 2

Experience the joy of accomplishment when you stand atop the highest mountain in Africa.

number 3

Bragging rights:  You reached the highest point in Africa—one of the Seven Summits!

number 4

Experience the majesty of this beautiful mountain and its exotic flora and fauna.

number 5

Kilimanjaro’s glaciers are receding—See them before they are gone!

number 6

Get out of your daily rut and see another part of the world.

number 7

Don’t tell your friends that you’re going:  Take great delight in their surprised and amazed looks when you get back or post on Facebook.

number 8

Meet other trekkers from around the world.

number 9

While you’re in Tanzania, work in a safari or two and see some of East Africa’s amazing animals.

number 10

Take a crazy photograph at the summit and use it in your holiday cards.


accomplishing the peak of kilimanjaro        accomplishing the peak of kilimanjaro        mount kilimanjaro



Your experience begins with our US-based team who will send you a Blue Rhino Information Pack and talk through your plans, including your group, your needs, your budget and your goals for your Kilimanjaro adventure.

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10 Reasons to Climb Kilimajaro

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